DiMS Tech® Asset Management System

DiMS Tech® Asset Management system is designed with the focus on having an asset tracking system that could be hosted in a web server be it local or in the cloud. With the assistance of the Mobile Scan Station, tracking of your assets made easy which allow you to easily track your assets using a portable data terminal/ barcode scanner.

DiMS Tech® Asset Management system provides a central repository for storing and retrieving your assets record, allowing you to quickly look up information about a specific assets and the check-in or check out assets to personnel by scanning the barcode bring up the record right away.

DiMS Tech® Asset Management system is designed to work with very little configuration required and we allow multiple users to share and use the database.

With DiMS Tech® Asset Management system it will enables you to estimate maintenance needs and then distribute available budget on an optimized basis by jurisdiction, functional class and maintenance service level. You can analyze the effects of various annual maintenance plans and budget scenarios.


Taking asset inventory is now at ease

Still tracking and managing your assets in a spreadsheet? Why not start by tagging your assets with barcodes and complete your periodic audit at ease and have a complete history of each movement of the assets.

Track your repair and maintenance history

Tracking the history of costing coupled with the itemized list of asset repair & maintenance are now made easy with DiMS Tech®. Each repair and maintenance movement would allow the users to record its data in accordance to its itemized billing that could be retrieved at anytime for cost analysis activities.

Up-to-date Data

Track every movement of the assets throughout the year simply by scanning the location, asset number and its custodian. DiMS Tech® makes it easy to stay up-to-date even up to the attached files for every movement.

Say Goodbye to paperwork

Start scans barcodes using either portable barcode scanner or perhaps your Android devices i.e. phone. Sync the data back to the server and run reports. No more tallying up paperwork and spreadsheet with DiMS Tech®.

Are you ready for audits?

Auditing made easy by allowing users to scan barcodes of asset number for each location and to produce a comprehensive report showing the additional or missing assets in each scan location. Last known custodian and location information are also included in the report shall the users wanted to use the list as an Action List.

Asset and Maintenance Manager

With DiMS Tech® Asset ManagerTM it will enables you to maximize your maintenance management budget across activities and assets and ensures that the right activity is performed on the right asset at the right time by our qualified Asset Manager.

DiMS Tech® Asset ManagerTM integrates the planning, scheduling, work recording and reporting phases of your dialysis centre’s workflow, which enables you to optimize the use of available resources and eliminate redundant work, while providing your team with the reliable information required for making any business decision.

Features & Benefits

Facilitate Workflow

Automate your workflow process as per your organization rules. Enter data once for all assets and dialysis centre(s) and user access.

Define Asset Hierarchies

Define hierarchies for your infrastructure assets and related information.

Custom Preventive Maintenance

Define custom Periodic Preventive Maintenance (PPM) for each asset type or specific inventory items

Manage Work Requests

Configure work flow for work requests and use to create work orders

Plans to Work Orders

Seamlessly move work from work request, problem reports and PMs to actual work orders

Assign Work Orders

Easily assign priorities, technicians and or specific employees to work orders and graphically schedule work orders

Accurate Records

Accurately record labor, related cost and material usage incurred during work

Compare Work Results

Compare work results to your dialysis centre’s set standards for efficiency