DiMS® Dialysis Management System is available for subscription

By Admin-Aug 15, 2016

DiMS® Dialysis Management system is ready to roll out for subscription and open to dialysis centre operator as well as Nephrologists and Doctor in-charge, Funding organization, consumer item supplier and maintenance contractor.

DiMS® is specializes in the daily management operations of Dialysis centers. DiMS offer comprehensive dialysis solutions, to assist and support dialysis centre operation with productive and cost efficiency. The automated web-based application system created by DiMS® comprises of a dynamic construction of clinical, mechanical and management operating procedures.”

DiMS® received a wide range of support from our business partners that are well adverse from lab test, asset maintenance, consumables item and clinical waste collection.

DiMS® Dialysis Management System - Social Obligations in ESRD patients

By Admin-May 01, 2016

Malaysia accounts for 30-40 thousands ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) patients with 4-5 thousands new cases getting added every year. The increased incidence of diabetes and hypertension will further add to the prevalence of ESRD. However, only 60% of them have access to treatment facilities a strong case for pure play dialysis providers. In fact, the gaping shortfall in treatment accessibility has led to dialysis becoming a national priority.

Earlier this year, the Malaysian government launched a National Dialysis Services Program to provide dialysis in district hospitals across the country through public-private partnerships. DiMS® are committed in this critical national initiative by partnering with private dialysis operators and various state governments to make quality dialysis via DiMS® system, accessible to all. The company recently signed a contract with a group of individual operators to run 13 such centers in the state.

DiMS® Dialysis Management System – Product Launching

By Admin-Nov 24, 2014

Over the last three years, DiMS has develop a comprehensive system that can benefit to dialysis centre operator particularly as well as dialysis patient itself, National Renal Registry, Ministry of Health, Nephrologists and Doctor in-charge, Funding organization, consumer item supplier and asset maintenance contractor.

“Today, we had launched DiMS dialysis Management System for pilot and endurance test at selective dialysis centre for 2 years”.

Thanks to Ministry of Health, Perkeso and Lembaga Zakat Selangor in contributing idea during the development of this system.