DiMS® Overview

DiMS® provides private dialysis centers with an online dialysis management system synchronized with health authority requirements. Patient information, such as physical profiles, medical history, prescription records and billing, can be stored in a secure repository for quick retrieval, thereby paving the way to a territory-wide electronic health records system. We are committed to providing best-in-class technologies that empower healthcare organizations to achieve greater efficiency and provide frontline practitioners with instant

Whether the dialysis centre may be smaller in comparison to others but the concept behind its simplicity leads the way towards healthcare trends in the future – efficient, accessible and cost-effective. As such, its objective is to provide dialysis centre with effective operation system at excellent value, and to be the preferred choice for dialysis centre operators.

DiMS® are designed with aims to ensure quality clinical treatment and efficient clinic management

DiMS® perform strict processes according to the regulation and requirements set by Ministry of Health and Funding Organizations. DiMS® help dialysis centre operators to generate data according to these set of requirements.

DiMS® ensure that the dialysis centers have maximum amount of monitoring on their daily clinical operation, increasing the integrity of the clinical operation besides moving towards paperless organization. We are able to integrate DiMS® into any existing internally operated systems managed by funding organization without jeopardizing their system integrity.


We have a passion for making all dialysis patients had a better quality treatment from a systematic dialysis operator. To be an esteemed dialysis operation system provider to produce highly-motivated and accomplished medical professionals practicing holistic medicine, enabling them to lead the medical profession and to influence the medical practice worldwide.


To deliver the best clinical outcomes in the most effective, efficient and cost effectiveness.

DiMS Dialysis Management System Features

• Provision of one-stop and hassle-free cloud-based Dialysis Management System
• Facilitates patient registration, patient records management, billing and prescriptions
• Provision of a secure repository for quick retrieval of patient information
• Role-based homepage that displays alerts and visual cues for work in progress
• Extensive system of customizable alerts
• Auto-calculation of assessment responses to clinical reference tools
• Web Based System
• No Installation
• Access Anywhere:
      Windows (any OS e.g. Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7), Apple Mac, Smart Phones
• Availability: 24/7 Accessibility
      (Restricted access and availability also possible)
• Centralized Records
• Unlimited Clinic Setup
• Unlimited Document Uploads

DiMS Dialysis Management System Benefits

• Business operation improvement
      DiMS® enhances efficiency in clinic operations and patient care services

• Flexible and hassle-free
      DiMS® provides a total IT hosting and operational service based on cloud computing technology. This eliminates all the headaches caused by traditional hardware and software upgrades, breakdowns and obsolescence

• Cost effectiveness
      A pay-as-you-go approach eliminates the need for upfront investment and helps to develop a paperless clinic

• Availability and scalability
      Application resources are available at any time, as and when needed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and users can scale resources at short notice to facilitate business growth